Common Types of Traffic Signs

Traffic Signs are a complicated product. Luckily, is here to help you break through the noise and know exactly what kind of traffic sign you need. Below you will find the most common types of traffic, road, and street signs we manufacture on a daily basis.

Regulatory Signs

Regulatory signs are signs that regulate behavior of drivers in the area. Common regulatory signs include stop signs, yield signs, do not enter signs, wrong way signs, and speed limit signs. Regulatory signs are usually telling motorists what they cannot do. Regulatory signs save thousands of lives a year. Stop signs and yield signs are regularly fitted with LED lighting systems to ensure 24/7 visibility and ultimate safety.


Property signs are signs that allow property to do their part to avoid liability as well as keep their property safe. These commonly show up as various forms of parking signs. Handicap parking signs, NO parking signs, parking meter enforced signs, private property signs, and no trespassing signs are all examples of property signs.


The main job of Warning signs is to make drivers aware of upcoming road conditions. Warning signs can be permanent or temporary. Curve left, curve right, side road signs, turns with speed advisory signs, and divided highway signs are all commonly used traffic warning signs.


These signs are used to make motorists be more careful in a construction zone. These signs are imperative to keeping our men and women who do road work safe. The default color for Construction Signs is orange. Road closed, one lane road ahead, end road work, begin road work, detour signs, and construction zone speed limit signs are all commonly used construction signs.


Guide signs are the blue and brown signs you see on the highway pointing to rest stops, state parks, and other points of interest. They can also be the green exit signs before every offramp. Also, pedestrian signs and bike trails are marked with blue or green guide signs.


School’s require many different types of signs to make sure they are safe for students and teachers alike. With large parking lots, hundreds of people, and large buses, making sure everyone is following some sort of traffic management system during drop off and pick up times is imperative to safety. There are signs for faculty parking, student parking signs, buses only signs, seatbelt signs, and crosswalk signs.