May is national Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. As it gets (a little) warmer out, motorcycle enthusiatists finally are able to feel the freedom of the open road. It is important for all motorists to repect the personal space of the other people on the road. Bikers who have been stuck inside all winter are exicted to be able to get out riding again. This doesn't mean caution should be tossed to the wind, however. Both cyclists and car drivers need to be aware of their surroundings, and share the road. 

Always be wearing a helmet, even if you are only riding in town. Also be fully aware of any road hazards that are left over from the harsh winters. Here in MN, we have to worry about potholes the size of sewers caps OR LARGER! Pot holes are especially dangerous for cyclists, who can e thrown from their motorcycle, into oncoming traffic.

If you need some tips on riding safely, here is the National Highway Traffic Association with some words for you