Traffic Sign Corp. is proud to announce our new partnership with  Trafficalm Systems. Since 2001 TraffiCalm has been a company committed to advancing roadway calmness with the innovation of cutting edge technology designed for practical, affordable, and reliable traffic control solutions. 

Please take a moment to visit our site to view products enhanced by the Trafficalm system. Trafficalm Sign Alert Basic Solar System Warning Sign and the Trafficalm Alert Basic Solar System Stop Sign  These LED flashers are bright, powered by your choice of 20W solar panels or AC power options. Selectable flash patterns include standard flash, rapid multi-flash, bright pop flash, pulse flash, or emergency flash!

Trafficalm products come standard with a 5 year complete system warranty (including the battery).

Contact Traffic Signs today if you or your business is in need of MUTCD compliant, LED flashing stop signs or warning signs.