Channelizer Cone 650R1-O-4

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  • Channelizer Cone 650R1-O-4

Price $32.30 To $67.15

Channelizer Cone- 650R1-O-4

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Channelizer Cone 650R1-O-4


  • 42” height
  • High-impact, low-density polyethylene with reinforced loop handle
  • Break-away design•Stackable with or without bases
  • Two mounting holes for warning lights and signs
  • Extra tabs around base of Divertor for “Positive Lockup” with all bases
  • Channelizer Cone Meets federal M.U.T.C.D. standards
  • Easy-grip handle Channelizer Cone
  • Impact resistant, low-density polyethylene
  • Safety orange with ultraviolet stabilizer for fade resistance
  • 16lb base stocked (can get 10lb and 30lb base, call for information)
  • Includes 4 6" Reflective Bands(Orange, White, Orange, White)
  • If you are needing a different order of colors please call
  • Engineer Grade, High Intensity Prismatic, Diamond Grade
  • 4" bands available upon request

Additional Information

Bracket Style No
Mount Degree No
Blade Type No
Length No


Material Base Weight Qty Unit Price Subtotal
Engineer Grade (Reflective) 10lb $32.30 $0.00
Engineer Grade (Reflective) 16lb $41.10 $0.00
Engineer Grade (Reflective) 30lb $52.65 $0.00
High Intensity (Very Reflective) 10lb $40.60 $0.00
High Intensity (Very Reflective) 16lb $44.35 $0.00
High Intensity (Very Reflective) 30lb $55.95 $0.00
Diamond Grade (Ultra Reflective) 10lb $51.80 $0.00
Diamond Grade (Ultra Reflective) 16lb $55.55 $0.00
Diamond Grade (Ultra Reflective) 30lb $67.15 $0.00

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Price $32.30 To $67.15