Handicap Signs

Handicap Signs

Handicap Parking Signs

Handicap parking signs, also known as disabled parking signs or accessible parking signs, are specifically designed to indicate parking spaces reserved for individuals with disabilities. These signs are prominently displayed in parking lots or on the sides of designated parking spaces to ensure that people with disabilities have convenient access to buildings, facilities, and services.

State specific handicap signs come standard on .080 high quality aluminum blanks, available with your choice of reflective sheeting / engineer grade (reflective) / High Intensity (very reflective) / Diamond grade (ultra reflective). We are here to help you get the right handicap parking sign, post and hardware for your needs.  

Each state has it's own handicap sign requirements. If you have questions about handicap signs, handicap parking spaces, or anythin else related to accessibility and the ADA, please contact us and we will do our best to help. 

Information for Handicap Parking Requirements  

Click Here  (even more information on handicap parking signs and handicap parking spaces: how many spaces, how to mark them and other important ADA information)