Right Lane Plaque R3-5f

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  • Right Lane Plaque R3-5f

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Right Lane (Plaque) Sign- R3-5f

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Right Lane (Plaque) Sign R3-5f


  • R3-5f Right Lane (Plaque) Sign

  • Reflective Sheeting on Aluminum

  • Radius Corners

  • 3/8" Prepunched Holes

  • High Intensity and Diamond Grade Meet DOT and MUTCD State and Federal Guidelines

  • MUTCD Information: If used, Mandatory Movement Lane Control (R3-5, R3-5a, and R3-7) signs shall indicate only those vehicle movements that are required from each lane and shall be located where the regulation applies. When the mandatory movement applies to lanes exclusively designated for HOV traffic, the R3-5c supplemental plaque shall be used. When the mandatory movement applies to lanes that are not HOV facilities, but are lanes exclusively designated for buses and/or taxis, the word message R3-5d and/or R3-5g supplemental plaques shall be used. The R3-7 word message sign shall be for ground mounting only. If the R3-5 sign is ground mounted on a multi-lane approach, a supplemental plaque, such as LEFT LANE (R3-5b), HOV 2+ (R3-5c), TAXI LANE (R3-5d), CENTER LANE (R3-5e), RIGHT LANE (R3-5f), BUS LANE (R3-5g), or LEFT 2 LANES, indicating the lane with the appropriate movement shall be added below.

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Bracket Style No
Mount Degree No
Blade Type No
Length No


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30" x 12" Engineer Grade (Reflective) $23.95 $0.00 $23.95 $22.99 $22.03 $21.08 $20.12
30" x 12" High Intensity (Very Reflective) $29.95 $0.00 $29.95 $28.75 $27.55 $26.36 $25.17
30" x 12" Diamond Grade (Ultra Reflective) $37.95 $0.00 $37.95 $36.44 $34.92 $33.41 $31.89

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Price $20.12 To $37.95